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High Performace Coatings for Turbo Engines

As with all high-friction, high temp components, heat confinement is the main reason for coating your turbo. Extreme temperatures of gases and high speed of moving parts within the compressor all contribute to thermal fatigue thus reducing component lifespan.

The thermal barrier provided by ceramic coating isolates the heat and prevents it from spreading into the engine bay. The ceramic coating layer also significantly reduces friction which is extremely important with high-performance components.

Turbo engine coatings

Coating your turbo will increase its efficiency giving you more power, prolong its working life, saving you money on rebuilds and prevents corrosion.

External coating of the turbocharger provides a show-quality, long-lasting finish in a colour of your choice while adding to the thermal barrier capabilities.

HPEC's coatings have been tested and proven in the most demanding conditions. All racers report immediate power gains and long-term benefits resulting in better reliability.

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