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High Performace Coatings for Engine Bearings

Lubricating and maintaining such lubrication is critical to the life of the bearing. A bearing is designed to carry tremendous loads while also being soft enough to allow small particles to "embed" in the bearing material. The various designs of bearings all address these primary needs. In addition, a bearing is a sacrificial part, in that it is easier and less expensive to replace bearings due to wear, than to replace the crankshaft.

High Performance Coated Engine valves

HPEC's coating is capable of withstanding pressures in excess of 350,000 psi while lubricating. This is well beyond the strength of the bearing itself. As pressure increases the coating actually becomes more lubricious. In addition, our coating is a "fluid retaining" material that actually holds oil in place on the bearing.

One of the most important features of our coating is it's ability to maintain it's full lubrication characteristics even in extremely thin films. Due to the above features, our coating can extend the life of a bearing while reducing friction, particularly in instances where normal oil film failure could lead to bearing failure.

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